About Me

Hi folks!

Have you ever wondered how a single thought in your mind can change your world? The option of writing was always there with me as I am a person who speaks laconically. That is why I thought of creating my own website.

Who am I?

My name is Shachindra Mohan Ghildiyal aka SMG. I’m an engineer and a ‘Certified’ Digital Content Writer. My hometown is Dehradun (India). I prefer writing blogs on life events, particularly those related to travel. I am fond of reading books and watching movies of biographical nature or based on true events..

About Me
Shachindra Ghildiyal

What my site is all about?

I believe that eveyone’s life is full of events in one way or the other. My site contains such anecdotes from life that give exilerating experiences to be shared with my readers. These carry learnings as well as enjoyments.

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