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The year 2020 was a major setback for travel lovers due to Covid pandemic. Now Covid is almost over, and as the state governments are in the process of slowly releasing the restrictions, I have travel tips for all of my friends who are just beginners or first time travellers planning to travel in 2021. They may be avid travellers venturing to go to abroad or a domestic traveller going to a hill station in himalayan areas or to the coastal area of Indian oceans. The November to March period is considered as best for such ventures.

Here are some help yourself tips to follow to the extent possible.

Travel trips during pandemic

It could be termed as travel trips past pandemic, but it is worth recapitulating them as the threat is not over yet

  1. We know that most of the restrictions have been relaxed, still you need to have recheck the state wise travel guidelines and conditions imposed by respective states of your start and end journey points before you set out.
  2. Do not forget to Keep extra masks, gloves and hand soap/sanitizer with you, for any emergencies.
  3. Wash your hands on every doubt of touching something unhygienic.
  4. Make a habit to wear mask particularly in public places and public conveyances. The mask should cover your nose and mouth.
  5. Do not travel at all if you or any one in your group is feeling sick/feverish.
  6. Try to travel with your own vehicle or fully sanitised hired taxi if not travelling to a very long distance.
  7. Additional precautions are to be taken for not coming in contact with other groups at RV parks, if travelling by RV.

As many of us are first time travellers, waiting for the opportunity to take fresh a breathe out of our homes, I will like to share few tips for my International and Domestic traveling friends-

For international travellers

Check for travel permissions first. Do research on your travel destination for travel period, both in the sense of months and number of days required, matching with your destination. Engage a reputed travel agent for guidance and bookings. For this you should go through travel agents’ reviews before finalising. If everything is ok, then follow the below guidelines, based on my experience.

  1. First of all, cover your passport with a good waterproof cover. Keep it safe and with you all the time. It should remain presentable at any point of time.
  2. Get your bag weights checked and keep them well within permissible limits to avoid any untoward situation
  3. Make your shopping budget. Get a global credit card from your bank and keep 75-80% in credit, balance cash. Its validity is generally 5 years.
  4. Check for the hotel booked by agency. Go through reviews. if you want to enjoy the local metro there, get it changed and take a hotel near metro in same budget.
  5. Keep some emergency medicines based on your own health experience.
  6. Try to take some learnings or new experiences. Try to record them somewhere.

For domestic travellers-

Check guidelines and travel permission first.

Travel Tips for visiting hill stations

If you are heading towards North India or any hill station, take care of following-

  1. First of all, gather climatic information of your destination for the period of your stay.
  2. Definitely you will be requiring woollen caps, sweaters, napkins and perhaps shoes also to keep yourself comfortable.
  3. Keep some emergency medicines based on your own health experience. You can keep muscle pain reliever also.
  4. hotels Keep a thermal water bottle, and if you have small or medium electric cattle keep it. Not all the hotels provide this.
  5. Keep sufficient snacks and drinks with you. You may get stuck anywhere due to bad weather conditions.
  6. An umbrella and power bank may also help you in emergencies, so make space for these too.

 Travel Tips for visiting coastal areas

If you are heading towards coastal areas, take care of following-

  1. Gather all climatic information of your destination for the period of your stay.
  2. Select your clothing according to humidity conditions and temperature.
  3. Select your hotel near to beach, not too close for budget as well as safety purpose, for an enjoyable stay.
  4. Do not try to venture into deeper side of beach. You may risk your life with returning wave.
  5. Keep a small light torch, as an alternate to your mobile torch, when moving towards beach after sunset.
  6. Keep a small or medium electric cattle and ready mix tea or coffee sachet for emergency of urge. Not all the hotels provide this.
  7. An umbrella and power bank may also help in not so lucky times, so make space for these too.

Have a great time.